Charlotte Air Awareness (CAA) partners with the community to improve local air quality. CAA is the regional arm of the NC Air Awareness program administered by the NC Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality.

Part of my role as the Graphic Design Intern was to create several learning objectives for myself. 

My primary focus was to implement brand style guides, based on website elements, in order to deliver a visual impression and incorporate the values of the program. 
I also played a hand in User Experience design through the development of model interfaces, based on extensive research of user journey goals. 
And lastly, I incorporated brand design elements and print communication best practiced within printed media.


Throughout the office, there are a number of digital signage pieces. Here's an example of one in which I condensed the initial information into a few short sentences, encouraging others to plan their trips through an organization that works closely with CAA called Way2GoCLT.

This next project was my favorite project to work on by far. I worked closely with Megan, the Air Quality Program Manager, on delivering this poster as an awareness piece promoting Clean Air Tips. 

Here's an example of a style guide I created for a Powerpoint Template based on the website elements. I was able to inspect the website through its source code and incorporate the design elements into a template for Powerpoint, as well as Letterhead.

I was asked to redesign the email signature for some of the staff on the awareness team. Part of their job is to connect with other businesses in the area and provide resources and spread the word about clean air initiatives in the community. I wanted to incorporate some type of interactive feature, encouraging more people to visit the website. 

Here's a preview of the signature...
Here's a preview of the signature in action!
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