SPACECASE is a paper crafts project I started in 2011 based off the original design by Jim Bottomly in 1968. This was the beginning for me and my creative journey after finding the vintage copy in the home I was living in at the time. This I believe is the basis of my brand as an artist with interest in a multitude of medias. I started to gain the creativity to make this paper crafts kit into my own and I began working to continue the idea and share with other artists just as the kit intended.
SITUATION. Designer of the Spacecase, a whimsical paper sculpture, lacks aesthetic and functional packaging in its product.  This product was designed with the user in mind-offering open minded customers a product they might not have considered before. The product itself is an opportunity for customers to be creative. Included, there are a variety of ways to represent the product through different sizes, colors, functionality. With a compact and to-the-point product package, the customer is clear on their purchase. With simple instructions, the customer is allowed to make their own decisions. In the end, the product is displayed as a work of art and represents an experience to be shared. 
INVESTIGATION. Packaging design plays an important role in the consumers decision to purchase. Product packaging is considered to be an important indicator of quality. Customers are tempted by functional and attractive packaging ideas, by multisensory appeal and creative design techniques. Encorporating human-centered design considers people in the design through its form, functionality, quality, sustainability, and low price. The self-assembly strategy involves customers in the design process as they assemble the product on their own.
INSIGHT. Humans do not respond to the physical qualities of things but to what they mean to them. This paper sculpture represents what it means to you through its innovative character. With a simple layout and minimal instructions, users can see the product come to life. 
Through extensive research I decided I could redesign the product packaging for this paper sculpture I love so much. 
I wanted the overall design of the packaging to be interactive, just like it's product, while having a simple presentation for ease of distribution.
I was able to work with Mike at Flex Finishing, a local business in the Charlotte, NC area to help me complete the binding for this booklet. I learned a lot during this process and plan to continue working with the product. 
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